Embed Video Stories and Boost Engagement.

Programmable Building Blocks for Next Generation Video-driven Applications.
Li5 helps you to build better video experiences for mobile-first users.


Upload, Schedule, and Manage short-form videos on your apps in just a few clicks.

Your Story, Your Way, Your App

iOS, Android, JS

Plugins of all flavors

We have taken the complex world of vertical video and reduced it to a few lines of codes, plug & play plugins and APIs. You can run Li5 as a feature or even as your whole app experience. You'll be up and running in no time! Update: Now also on your Mobile Site!

The essence of Loyalty: Habit.

Whether you're a Startup, Publisher, E-commerce or a Marketer, you can now craft unit-centric and seamless integrated video experiences around one of the most addictive and dynamic video formats among millennials, Stories.
Li5 allows you to build apps combining the best of social, magazines, and television to tell stories that engage and inform in a meaningful and intuitive way. We can't wait to see what you build!

Use the JS plugin to turn your social Stories into more engagement and sales by improving the swipe up experience within Instagram and Snapchat.